My Favorite Albums of 2012

19 12 2012

This year there were so many transcending albums that were released. Albums that have changed the face of music altogether. We saw new albums from music veterans, as well as material from brand new artists trying to make a name for themselves. Below are my top five favorite albums that were released in 2012.

5) Push and Shove – No Doubt

ImageI was absolutely ecstatic when I heard that No Doubt would be putting out an album for the first time in ten years. I was a huge fan of Rock Steady when it released in late 2001. I was in fourth grade at the time and No Doubt seemed to be the definition of cool. Ten years later, that hasn’t changed at all. No Doubt kept to their reggae/ska rocking roots and didn’t let the world of EDM enter their tracks, which I found respectable. Each song from the album is outstanding. I couldn’t even pick out favorites, aside from Push and Shove. If you haven’t listened to these tracks yet, I highly suggest that you do. 


4) Lotus – Christina Aguilera


I was on the edge of my seat waiting with anticipation for Christina Aguilera’s new album to be released this year. Knowing that her last album, Bionic, from 2012, didn’t do so well, I was ready to hear what she would bring to the table this time. Personally, I enjoed Bionic and think it didn’t do well because it was ahead of its time, but I knew Christina was working extra hard on this next album and that’s what excited me. She was ready to prove her critics wrong. When Lotus was released I was in pure ecstasy. Aguilera has the vocals of a goddess and hearing them applied these updated tracks was a thrill. The ballads like, Blank Page, had the power to transport me to new dimensions. My two favorite songs from her album, aside from Your Body, are Let There Be Love and Cease Fire. Both songs offer a different release of chemicals to your brain, but both songs are powerful and strong. I was upset to see that this album didn’t perform so well and debuted only at number seven on the Billboard 200. I truly felt this album deserved better reception. However, no matter what happens I’ll always be one of Christina’s Fighters. 



3) MDNA – Madonna


There’s no getting around the fact that Madonna is the Queen of Pop and after four years without releasing music, I looking forward to see what sort of tracks she would release. To my great pleasure, it was a dance album. I just can’t help blasting MDNA in the car and moving around like a fool. The beats are energizing! I also found MDNA to be the perfect album to workout to. In particular, the track I’m Addicted gets you into the groove. 


2) Born to Die – Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey. A name I will always relate to 2012. I first heard to her voice on her first single, Born to Die when I watched the music video for it in late 2011. It was so calming and hippy-ish, I loved it! Usually I find myself enjoying a more upbeat track, but her sound was beyond transformational for me. Therefore, when she released the album, Born to Die in early 2012, perfection took a new form. I couldn’t stay away from this album. It was the prime thing to listen to a the end of a long day when you needed a stress release. Everything was okay when I listened to her voice. 


1) Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj’s sophomore album was my favorite album this year. I was happily surprised by what she had to offer. Her first album Pink Friday was good, but Roman Reloaded was GREAT. She gave her fans, including me, just what we wanted, a mix of rap and pop. This makes a great album because it’s something you can listen to no matter what mood you’re in. When I’m angry I listen to her rap tracks like Come on a Cone, but when I’m happy and want to dance, Pound the Alarm it is. She even has a few beautiful ballads like Marilyn Monroe mixed in. Roman  Reloaded defined the music scene in 2012, and that’s part of what makes it so great.