Hott Singles Now

11 12 2012

There’s a few songs out this month that have really caught my attention and deserve the attention of the rest of the world. They’re all upbeat and inspiring to a degree, which I find to be fitting for this stressful time of year. Whether you’re a college student dealing with the hassles of finals, feeling a bit down with the colder weather, or just need some positive energy in your day, these songs are perfect for you.

Kerli – The Lucky Ones


Kerli, an Estonian artist, made her debut in the music scene in the summer of 2008, with her debut album Love is Dead. I, for one, will never forget watching her music video for Walking on Air that summer. It was creepy, yet cute. Now, four years later Kerli is back with a whole new image and sound. The Lucky Ones incorporates her soothing voice, mixed with some sick EDM beats, sounding much more upbeat than her older music. This song serves as Kerli’s first single to her upcoming album Utopia. If this song is representative of the other songs to be featured on her album, than we are all in for a treat when Utopia drops.

Melanie Amaro – Long Distance


     Melanie Amaro is the first winner of the U.S. version of the X Factor and is in the process of releasing her first album. Prior to Long DistanceAmaro released two songs in September of this year. I first caught wind of her single, Long Distance, last week when she performed it live on the second season of the X Factor. I really enjoyed the pureness of her voice, it’s clear that this young woman sings from her heart. Not only a song that has potential to produce tears, it also has an upbeat tempo that is great for the club. Long Distance draws comparisons to songs by Demi Lovato, like Skyscraper and Give Your Heart A Break. Don’t have a Long Distance relationship with this song, give it a listen.

Rita Ora – Radioactive


     Okay, can I just say how much a want Rita Ora’s album to be released in the United States already? This girl has huge star potential and I want to be there for her journey. Her latest single, Radioactive, is my favorite song she’s released yet. Her vocals are so strong, comparable to those of Jennifer Hudson. Through each verse she sings, she has a sullen tone, which slowly works its way up to an uptempo vocal belt in the bridge. Not only that, but what would a song be in 2012, without some beats? You can find those in Radioactive as well.




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